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Money. That’s the topic that leads to most arguments among couples, marriage counselors and financial advisors agree. So before you say “I do” (or break the glass), set up some ground rules. Kiplinger’s Erin Burt offers some good tips:

  1. Don’t keep money secrets. Share with your partner any student loan or credit card debt you’re currently carrying.
  2. Sit down and create a budget. Sure, it’s not the most exciting way to spend the evening, but it’s crucially important. Figure out how much you make after taxes. Then, calculate all of your expenses. Your income should exceed your costs.
  3. Once a month, have a “money date.” Check your expenses against your budget using a tool like Mint.com.
  4. Start a “rainy day” savings account. Aim to stash enough money away to cover at least six months of expenses.

If you’re a hoarder and your husband is a saver, or vice versa, talk about it together. Often the way we spend our money has a lot to do with our emotional, not rational, selves.


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